Bindi: original decoration

Bindi: original decoration
 Bindi - a traditional ornament of married women in India who is a decorative dot in the center of the forehead between the eyes. It is a sign, symbolizing purity and noble thoughts. Recently draw a "third eye" has become popular not only among Indian women. Today is a bindi original decoration and for European women. It can not only impress others, but also to adjust the shape of the face.

In ancient times, bindi applied special paint that contained the ashes and the oil of sandalwood. The point on the forehead then was red and was just right round shape. Now you can safely experiment with color decorations and configuration, making it suitable for a hike to the show, and for the friendly parties. This exotic decor gives the image of not only the oriental flavor, but also sexy.

On sale you can find ready-made bindi in the form of stickers that are applied sequins, iridescent rhinestones, beautiful stones. These ornaments are easy to use, despite it still relevant and drawn bindi, which are used for applying water-resistant felt-tip pens, pencils, makeup, henna paste.

With this oriental decorations you can adjust the shape of your face. If you want to extend it, it is worth stick oblong bindi, and if round - round. The main thing that this decoration was not too intrusive. He must fit into the image, and combined with make-up and clothes. For daytime make-apa is better to choose a light color labels, and for the evening - bright and shiny.

Decoration color must conform not only to make up, but also emotional mood. Green and blue bindi suitable for formal occasions, red - for a romantic date, brown and yellow - for beach walks.

The traditional place for this Indian pattern - forehead, but today they adorn, and other parts of the body. Very sexy looks bindi on the navel, as it can stick above his eyebrow, his temple, shoulder and ankle.

This Indian pattern makes it possible to create a colorful image and stand out from the crowd. The simplicity of its application will allow for a few minutes to change the appearance, effectively complement the makeup. A variety of colors and sizes to satisfy even the most capricious fashionistas. However, it should be remembered that bindi is centuries-old tradition of India, so you should always wear it with dignity.

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