3 reason to dissolve the hair

 Loose hair make a girl more sexy. According to surveys, men are extremely attracted to the fair sex, who do not hide the beauty of their hair in a ponytail. Some scientists believe that the love of licentious hair came to us from more primitive society. Then, the main advantage of women is considered healthy, which easily can be determined through his hair. If they are clean and shiny, so be sure to give birth to a girl child healthy. In addition, during cold weather it will be able to warm him and themselves with their scythes.

In modern society, women are still plenty of reasons to show their hair in all its glory.

For example, this trick will help girls experiencing due not so young. Having made some sloppy lush laying on the loose hair, you immediately become younger by a few years. Conversely, licked or remove a tuft of hair to create an association with the teacher, careerist, secretaries and even leading to the business channels, that is, women's.

Another reason to dissolve the hair - change of image. If you want to show off a new haircut or hair color, be sure to emphasize this with a free flowing locks. However, remember that if you want to show the world around her new shade of hair, then do it better when the head is cleaned. Then the hair will shine and appear in all its glory.

NOT, or regrown from the roots as you save the loose hair. Not only will they look more natural and even give hair extra volume. But the styling, which suggest zachesyvanie hair in ponytail or bun, on the contrary, make a difference in shades more visible.

Dissolving the hair, remember that they need to have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Hair like tow, will not make you more attractive, but only talk about the unkempt his mistress. So do not forget to trim the ends of the hair. This is especially true of women with straight hair. On curly hair length difference is less noticeable.

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