How to develop the third eye

How to develop the third eye
 Having developed the third eye, you can see events that have not yet happened, or feel what is happening in the present moment away from you. It's a way to get information from the outside world in the images.
 Nala to note the location of the third eye. This area is located between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose. The third eye is the sixth psychic centers or chakras, seven, extending along the spine. Yoga practitioners opening of this center - Ajna - many thousands of years, say that he has a blue color and is responsible for the conscious perception of the world.

So one of the ways to open brow chakra is meditation. Learn to meditate quite easily. Turn off the cell phone, computer and TV, warn loved ones that will relax, and put soft music. Can light incense, incense sticks, or a lamp - it will contribute to the desired mood.

Sit in the lotus posture - padmasana. At first, an inexperienced person can be difficult to take such a position, so as an alternative you can simply cross-legged on the floor. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and try to relax all the muscles, organs and joints of your body. Inch by inch through the body and release it, starting from the feet and working your way to the top of the head.

Focus your eyes on the space between the eyebrows and just watch. See your breath as the air first enters the lungs and stomach, and then gradually leaves them. Do not try to become more frequent or slow breathing, just let the inhalation and exhalation to be.

You can slip past a lot of thoughts. Do not try to stop them or soothe. Just watch how thoughts come and go like a cloud in the sky. If you suddenly notice that followed some thought and distracted from the process, then go back to it. Do not reproach myself for it, just remember that you are doing and why.

Gradually, the practice can be increased from 5 minutes to half an hour, it is best to meditate every day.

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