What to expect from the year Snakes

What to expect from the year Snakes
 The coming year will be marked by the Black Water Snake. But on the Eastern calendar it will come into its own is not on the night of December 31 to January 1, but only on 10 February. Is this last year until 31 January 2014. Year of the Snake promises to be just as controversial as his symbol.
 On the one hand snake - it is a wise healer, and on the other - an insidious avenger. In addition, the black color is the mystique and mystery, and changeable water element - impermanence. Therefore, in 2013, each waiting for quite varied and complex life. And then there will be more - successes or defeats - depends on the chosen course of action.

Black Water Snake reasonable, so in the coming 2013 it will favor those whose actions and decisions will be strictly balanced and considered. And here are in constant motion, changing their plans and just thoughtless people waiting complexity.

The award was given to those who keep traditional family values, watches over the sanctity of the family hearth. Lonely rolled a great chance to meet a soul mate, her future husband or wife. And fans of the fleeting romance novels, in contrast, can not count on the favor of a thorough and accurate Snake.

Also lucky people engaged in intellectual work: scientists, philosophers, teachers, etc. Snake loves representatives of creative professions: artists, writers, actors, etc. Those who so far has been in the shadows, this year may be glorified.

The snake - a sign not particularly economical, but also a waste of it does not approve. Therefore it is better to send large amounts on the dates and sturdy shopping, and not squandered on nonsense and trivia. Of loans in 2013 should be abandoned, they can bring trouble.

All year of Black Water Snake will be marked by struggle and rivalry. This will affect all areas of life: career, love and even life. Should not lose vigilance: perhaps someone wants to take what belongs to you, and you have to come to grips. Moreover, it is possible that the problem will bring those listed in your friends. Perhaps one of these people want to take your position or take away a loved one.

Quite complex will be the beginning of the year: it can bring a lot of domestic and financial problems and disorders, exacerbation of disease. But while Snake nobody will help improve the welfare of workers, it can please career prospects.

In the coming 2013 no one should count on luck. Will not be random luck, easy money. By its purpose will have to go hard and independently, overcoming obstacles that will certainly be. But those who are able to plan properly and realize, of course, receive a worthy reward for their labor.

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