Love spell. Lapel. The heave-ho

Love spell. Lapel. The heave-ho
 It offers all kinds of magicians and sorcerers becomes every day more and more people. Ceremonies that visitors bought most often - omens and lapels. Apparently unhappy love pushes people to desperate acts.
 By omens often used by women than men. Strong floor trying to cope with unrequited love yourself, without resorting to the help of supernatural forces. Male or try to win the girl, or to forget quickly, or it will suffer in silence. Girl rejected lover, are more likely to think about omens. Women are more likely to achieve its all possible ways. The interests of men reshivshayasya to spell lady afterthought - the main thing that he belonged to her entirely. However, such an effect has a serious abuse of the will of man, completely subordinating it to the customer such a rite.

Spell overwhelming urge men, causing his need for the object of magic influence, obsessions, associated with the occurrence of false "feelings", which he takes as sincere. Spell - a binding energy, the fate of the connection between two people by force, implementation on a subconscious level special "programs" that deprives a man of will. Wherever man does not want to go, legs lead him to his beloved, as he had not thought - every minute of it remembers only. Love spell consequences may include: alcoholism, drug addiction and even mental illness. Is it too high a price for such a whim?

Lapel much more harmless. If you can not forget the unhappy love, but do not want to force the person to reciprocity - make this ceremony, you will be much easier. Lapel and help his wife, trying to get back unfaithful husband in the family. Man after lapel forget opponent and return to the family. And if you make a flap over, may soon forget that you now without whom life is not a pleasant experience. However, the same lapel made to the feelings of love with each other, it becomes even more dangerous love spell - love to get the installation quarrels and parting.

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