The Story of a scandal: MUZ-TV, Timothy and Kirkorov

 After a series of scandals around the MUZ-TV, it decided to close. However, the defendants in the main conflict is still not appease.

"Today the leadership of the channel, it was decided to close the project Muz-TV !!!! As it turned out # davaydosvidanya a revolutionary magical power !!! "- So reacted amateur internet memes Timothy to the news in his microblog. Recall that last week tweeted Black Star openly criticized the results of the last ceremony, calling them inappropriate. The cry of the soul came Philip, who has taken this year as many as three prizes MUZ-TV and moralizing hinted Timothy supposedly worthless here to speak in that tone: "The most honest? I, last year no questions asked! There prof. ethics! Ok! Remember "- He wrote. That is called, found cut diamond, and Timothy did not wait answering the attacks Kirkorov even more rigid form and finished his tirade known meme "let dosvidaniya". This correspondence instantly shattered into quotes on the internet and shared the entire domestic showbiz into two camps, leaving only Neutrality Leroux Kudryavtsev.

Meanwhile, the hype around the MUZ-TV began long before this twitter hassle. It all started with the fact that a few days before the ceremony with her leading role removed Ksenia Sobchak. Because of this, her co-host Andrei Malakhov decided to boycott the award for the company. As a result, the scene is altogether without an entertainer, the role of which in urgent mode Vyacheslav found the Manucharova.

Loud completion of the 10th anniversary MUZ-TV in fact died away as the funeral of carcasses, despite the fact that every year the event is only gaining its momentum and invite more and more famous and well-known not only in Russia stars. Probably leadership decided that their only loud scandals Prize has no chance to exist. Russian stars, warmed conflict last week, immediately reacted to the news. Lera Kudryavtseva expressed his bewilderment about the situation and felt that the matter is not in scandals. Jan Rudkovskaja inclined to doubt that next year the award will not, and believes that it is only a way to get to experience the artists and reconsider their relations. Nikolai Baskov remained in his role and tweeted: "Wow! This is what happens? I was at a funeral ?! »

However poperezhivat and that's enough. All still interested in only one thing - what will happen next between Kirkorov and Timothy? Especially the latter has already managed to remove a clip back in the spirit of "let dosvidaniya" to the attacks on the part of Philip and typing on YouTube more than a million views. While Timothy comes off Kirkorov remained silent. But rumor has it that he just saves insult to the court.