Jil Sander will hold screenings separately from Milan Fashion Week

 Whether this is a consequence of a leap year, whether it is abnormally cold summer in Europe, but the organization of the fashion week in fashion capitals goes awry. Participants can not agree with the organizers and forced to cancel their shows at these events. Some fashion designers see a way out of this situation only one - to arrange independent displays its collections, as it's going to make Jil Sander.

Returning just six months ago to work, Gilles Sander willful decision cancels part of its brand in shows at the fashion week in Milan. This is due to the fact that the schedule of similar events in Milan, Paris and London unpleasant coincide. Thus, many shows of famous designers risk being left unattended curious public and journalists, which otsmotrev part of the collections in the same city, he hastened to look into each other.

Gilles wanted to focus on the quality and do without undue haste, as a result, according to some sources, a few shows of new collections Jil Sander will be held in the fall without reference to the fashion week. This will allow fans of the brand to enjoy the beauty of new creations Zander in full glory.