Developed rules of conduct in the restaurant for losing weight

 Experience shows that the most difficult to resist the absorption of portions of food in the restaurant. Here chefs prepare all so sure that Yum, and even decorate so that the food itself will ask in my mouth. Well, our favorite "for yet paid" too persistently forced to eat from a plate every crumb. Easier to give up going to the restaurant if you are on a diet. But if such pastime not go away, will have to follow strict rules.

So you went to a restaurant. Choose a quiet place. Noise, music greatly detract from the food and make people swallow food quickly, almost without chewing. If you lose weight, there should still carefully and slowly.

Opening the menu, first calculate the entire list of the healthiest foods. If you called is not specified that from which the dish is done, in what way cooked, whether large portion specify this point the waiter. Preference is given to vegetables raw or cooked foods, steamed or grilled. Avoid foods that contain mayonnaise or other fatty sauces with added sugar.

Another bag of tricks for losing weight in a restaurant - order food before the others. Selecting the first dish, the temptation to order a rack of lamb with a creamy sauce with fries as your friend, you will have less. And do not forget to close immediately after ordering their menu, so as not to look around for "something else."

If you decide to start with appetizers, then you have to give up the main dish, replacing it with a salad. So you kill two birds. Firstly, an appetizer and a salad with ease (literally and figuratively) replace your main course, and secondly, you'll save on calories. By the way, a salad in this case, too, must be chosen without fatty dressings.

What to alcohol, it is not a secret that it is itself a product of a very nutritious. In addition, due to the intoxicating effects of alcohol rather quickly dulls vigilance slimming person. Therefore, the order of such drinks followed later meal. The most suitable glass of dry wine or light beer (its caloric should not exceed 150 kcal), as well as a glass of liquor.

Even the restaurant is worth to watch how much you eat. Naturally, it is very tasty, nice and grandmother since childhood threatened that her husband will be cold, rather if you do not eat every last crumb, but in the case of weight loss - control above all. Once you have reached satiety, cutlery should be postponed to the side.

For dessert is better to refuse dessert. Or if absolutely unbearable, replace the sweet fruit cake.