H & M will open the largest store in the world

 The Swedish brand H & M this year is planned to open the world's largest clothing store - in New York on Fifth Avenue. The contract has been signed, opening will take place next year. The new store will take space Chase Bank and the floors above, it will be presented to all existing collections of the brand - from clothing and accessories to cosmetics and decoration.

H & M exists in the US of the 2000s, and especially interesting is that the first store opened in America is in the area, not far from a large store of the future - at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 51 Street. Daniel Kull, president of the brand in New York, believes that H & M fits perfectly in the metropolitan market, and format. Now alone, Manhattan opened 10 stores and 247 more across the country. By the way, Kull also responded to some troubling question of why stores are often located very close to each other - it increases the permeability. The plans of the brand - the expansion of chain stores in all world markets, including in Thailand, Latvia, Malaysia, Bulgaria and Mexico. As early as this autumn in America will start to work online store H & M.