Women waiting for Friday's stronger than men

 Friday - slag, the best day of the week, beginning unrestrained rest, the end of a hard week. People have different perceptions on this day. But, as it turned out, Friday for women means more than for men.

Portal Superjob interviewed a thousand respondents and found out what associations do people with the word "Friday". According to him, the majority of respondents attributed this day of the week on the upcoming weekend. With women (34%) think this is much more likely than men (only 16%). In all likelihood, working life women are heavier.

16% of respondents feel the word "Friday" only positive emotions. In general, respondents describe this day: "This is the best day of the year! "And again, enthusiasm for the coming Friday, more experienced women (21% vs. 9%). But Friday - it's also a sense of freedom, which is too often experienced by women (6%) than men (3%).

What do men bypass women in this subject is the fact that for men Friday - it's a great reason to drink and have fun. While women, according to the poll, prefer more time to spend with the family Friday. 3% of women and 1% of men like family entertainment on Friday.