Dolphins or the role of a lifetime: what choose Megan Fox?

 Megan Fox refuses heaped role in the science fiction film for the opportunity to talk with the dolphins in a human. All this would have gone beyond a joke, if it were not so technically seriously.

Home beauty "Transformers" starred in advertising the new Ultrabook Acer. In the story, the producer offers her a role in superfilm, where she will go to open space and meet with unicorns and zebras. And like Megan, I agree, it is the role of your life! But Megan overcomes the call of the sea. She lets go into the sea lobster from the restaurant and associated with real scientists. Her plan is simple: She wants to develop a program for Ultrabook (and with the help of ultrabook), which would allow to communicate with the dolphins.

Megan comes to the research base - scientists (of course) is out. But guinea dolphin eventually says cherished "Hello, Megan! "The event is truly akin to landing on Mars kyuriositi! Everyone cheers, hugs, both NASA. Such is funny ads.