Carrie Bradshaw, a prequel: started shooting "The Carrie Diaries"

 Two feature films, 6 seasons, "Amy," "Golden Globe" - and that's not enough fans runaway four beauties from "Sex and the City." Started shooting prequel stories journalist from New York - series called "The Carrie Diaries".

The new project will play the main character eighteen Anna Sophia Robb. The action takes place in the 1980s, young Carrie learns in the last years of school and still does not know anything about love, men and sex - all the things, what would later become a recognized expert.

Creators planned just two seasons, and the first series of promise to release in theaters in 2013. It was then that the audience will be able to assess and to determine whether Anna Sophia Robb become a real Carrie Bradshaw, a young version of the character Sarah Jessica Parker.