Advertising Gangnam Style at the Super Bowl in 2013

 2013 Super Bowl in American football has collected this year a record number of bets has been marked by the bright performance of Beyonce and, as usual, was pleased commercials.

In the United States has become a tradition to heat the already sweaty audience Super Bowl fun advertising. This season, the protagonists of the rollers become Gangnam Style, Penny from the "Big Bang Theory", Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Bar Rafaeli. Not without cherlidershi Santana Lopez of "Chora".

Original and fun - an example of advertising that you do not want to switch. Enjoy!
Pistachio blowing dance floor

Red candy - henpecked

"What are you interested?"

Old people are able to have fun

Dad - Princess

Deal with the Devil did not take place

When there is no milk at home

Hot kiss

Fairy in purple