David Beckham earns more than all of the players

 David Beckham walked one, second, third, and once again won the competition "Who in the world all the richer."

According to Goal.com, that all eyes following the progress of players and do not forget to count their money, this year's richest athlete once again became David Beckham. Handsome, a perfect family man and the idol of millions, he overtook in the ranking of athletes such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. And with a solid gap of almost a hundred million dollars.

Beckham now plays for the French Paris Saint-Germain, and the state of football is estimated at $ 261 million. Messi earned $ 172 million and took a second place ranking Goal, Ronaldo with $ 167 million, respectively, and the third. Their wealth, they not only assailed on football fields, but also acquired through participation in advertising - a common occurrence for many sports. At least in the case of David Beckham is exactly. It is well demonstrated both his talent in a recent commercial for H & M.