Museum Night 2013: reclaim the entire country!

 The annual cultural event "Night of Museums" is called every time a big hype around it, this year will take place not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in other parts of the country. Even in Kamchatka after night of museums arrange ball in XIX century style. What fun tomorrow, May 18, not only in the capital but also in other Russian museums?

In Samara, the Museum of Art Nouveau in the estate Kurlina, arrange several art exhibitions and an exhibition of pre-revolutionary photographs printed in an unusual way - avtohromirovaniem. Administer evening will be viewing silent film accompanied by live music, as in the old days.

In Yekaterinburg listen tour of the city will be sitting in the most romantic form of public transport - tram. Trams then proceed along the route "Yekaterinburg in German." In addition, the residents and visitors to the city will be available to tour buses and trolleybuses.

In Novosibirsk, the museum will try to lure an unusual offer - to play on the old computer in the very first game. Older computers will be available here at the Museum of Science and Technology SB RAS.

Vladivostok will be held, probably, the most interesting event. Then the doors will open for visitors Museum of Dreams, where available will be several thematic halls: slumber, Hall Countervailing dreams, childhood dreams hall, lounge Retro dreams hall Unusual dreams, prophetic dreams hall, lounge nightmares.

In St. Petersburg, will not look dreams, and look into the future of the past, that is, show how the futurists were looking at our future 100 years ago. It can be seen in the Fountain House Anna Akhmatova Museum. The full program of the St. Petersburg Museum Night can be seen here.

In the capital, the event involve about 250 cultural spaces. To list the best of them have no strength. See the wide range of museums in Moscow night of glowing rabbits can be here.