Lock "VKontakte": a drill

 Users of the popular Russian social network "VKontakte" today was a drill.

In the morning went posts that Roscomnadzor domain vk.com made in the Unified Register of banned sites. This means that providers had to start limiting access to poor resource. Pleased to note the number of executive providers: access to the "VKontakte" managed to limit the individual providers of telecommunications services in Chita, Yakutia and St. Petersburg.

What then began: throughout Russia were felt tremors - and do not tell me that this has nothing to do with fear of the possible closure of access to the "VKontakte".

As a result, Roskomnadzor said it was a mistake: instead of a checkmark in a specific page with forbidden content officer accidentally put the two - and made in the "black list" whole "VKontakte". What is typical - after Roscomnadzor unblocked the social network, the tremors stopped.