From expensive wedding before the divorce - one step

 Want to own wedding cortege of limousines, a pyramid of expensive champagne, banquet at the palace, if not the ceremony on the exotic island? And here is the reason. Psychologists say that after such have also magnificently celebrate divorce.

Studies suggest that the wedding, which was spent a lot of money, can be a catalyst for the destruction of relationships. While the ceremony hosted which did not hit much affordable Suite, on the contrary, makes this very marriage stronger.

Mainly this assumption concerns couples whose financial situation does not allow a wedding of British monarchs tomorrow. If the bride and groom for the wedding expensive to go into debt this time may be in the future starting point of their divorce. Disclaimer of frills and luxuries opposite - a sure sign that this pair is an example of partnership for stability.

Studies have shown that as soon as the passions that celebrated the wedding and honeymoon subsided, the newlyweds have to come down from heaven to earth, and the first thing to deal with the accumulated debts. Thus, to the fore at the beginning of a new life comes not build a strong family and financial problems, views on the solution of which can be inside a pair of radically diverge.