Scientists have hidden fish under the Invisibility Cloak

 The video, which demonstrates the achievements of scientists, can hardly be called exciting, first fish disappears for a moment, and then seal the foot. However, algae, which were in akvarume, with good view. It is unlikely that Harry Potter would be impressed with this PTFE coating.
Physics Nanyang Technical University, in Singapore, and themselves admit that the device needs to be modified. However, technology devaysa they have already revealed: the thinnest glass panels refract light in such a way that it makes the object at a certain angle invisible.
"Of course, this is not serious technology designed for fun with pets, and for use in the investigation and prevention of crime, and perhaps for reasons of national security," - commented on the event John Pendry, who initiated the development of this technology a few years ago.
The first version of the invisibility cloak was introduced in 2006, has since been used in technogenic polarized light and microwaves. It remains to wait, whether Singaporean scientists will bring the device to perfection. But generally the one who invents a truly working cloak nevedimku, definitely will not rush to tell the world about it.

Warning! Now hide the fish!