In the New Year in Moscow will be free to work 63 Museum

 Good news for those who plan to spend the New Year holidays in the Russian capital. Will do what and at virtually no cost.

Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and hotel business of Moscow, Sergei Shpilko reported yesterday that during the holidays 63 museum and gallery in Moscow will be open for free access. In addition, it will be possible to ride the bus clock on city roads on a sightseeing tour. Also scheduled to open around 1500 rollers 22 and Christmas fairs.

Shpilko assured that tourists from other regions will be able to use the services of the New Year of hostels and hotels for a modest fee. For example, the price for a place in the hostel will start from 400 rubles per day. In the 2 star hotels - from 750, 3 stars - from 1350, 4 stars - from 1500 rubles. According to estimates of the Tourism Committee, Moscow is preparing to receive about 150 thousand Russian and foreign tourists during the holiday season.