Daily horoscope. Do the stars on the disabled

Daily horoscope. Do the stars on the disabled
 Currently, the word "horoscope" has become very fashionable, people pay attention to them and go to counseling to astrologers. All magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations offer horoscopes for every day. Interestingly, of course, on the way to work to find out what the stars have planned for you today. For men, and for many women, very important question, how their day professionally. Do the stars on the ability to work, and can horoscope tell us about your career successes and failures?

Believe horoscopes or not is a personal choice of each individual. Be that as it may, there are certain signs that indicate the approach of astrologers of a particular period in a person's life. It is believed that depending on the sign of the zodiac on the solar and lunar calendar, the stars and planets have different effects on aspects of human life, including the ability to work on. Thus, the weakening of Mars for people with Mars already weak, implies a very low motivation and ability to work.

Some planets and their movements have an impact on all people, regardless of the sign of the zodiac. Thus, the convergence of Jupiter and Uranus promises to increase work capacity and increase vitality. Mercury - the planet of intelligence, it helps to solve various problems at work, which require detailed consideration. Jupiter - the planet of success and optimism, it is believed that during the amplification of Jupiter can be done most unrealistic plans. Saturn increases the ability to work, gives patience and the ability to resist the blows of fate. But Venus - the planet of love and sensual pleasures - makes us forget about work, so plan major events at work during the amplification of Venus is not necessary, you will take care of personal issues.

Undoubtedly, the person is in close contact with nature and dependent on it, but still greatly influenced by the person themselves horoscopes, wording sentences and phrases. The danger is that some owners of newspapers and magazines are not treated to professional astrologers and charlatans, who for a modest fee up horoscopes for the accuracy and correctness of which can not be relied upon. Impressionable and easily suggestible people believe in horoscopes and such, according to psychologists themselves are programming yourself for the events that promised them horoscope. Well, if these events promise luck and success, and if not?

To prepare for the negativity, people will be all day in fear and suspense, and his day, no doubt, will take place is not very good. For example, the warning "give up on important issues" can prevent a person productively spend the day, and his ability to work will be low. So whatever your horoscope, tune for the best, and all you must succeed.

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