Buranovskie grandmother in the final of Eurovision

 Semi-final of Eurovision 2012 is now for Buranovskiye grandmothers passed stage. Excellent otplyasav and singing yesterday its «Party For Everybody», the national team will now represent Russia in the final of the European Song Contest.

14 the number that were Buranovskie grandmother in the semifinal of Eurovision proved them happy. Hall met their room with a bang, and it ended with a standing ovation by waving flags fans. "The legs and started dancing for yourself! "- Shares his impressions of the songs Udmurt old women one of the spectators of the contest. I must say that they were, indeed, at a high level. However, during the announcement of the artists included in the top ten of the first semi-final, and had worried for Buranovskiye grandmothers - Russia announced a very long time. Fortunately, our participants were held and the results of a new draw will perform in the finals at number 6. It is hoped that this number would be happy for them.

Could the dream of simple village grandmother of Udmurtia, that in old age they will wait huge concert halls, a crowd of journalists from different countries and fans that emotion does not idolize Buranovskiye singers? That's the way life is sometimes turns the fate of people upside down. But grandmother apply to all event though with excitement, but also with engaging simplicity and an open mind. One thing is certain - star fever they just are not threatened. And to doubt it, looking at the way yesterday in the semifinals grandmother good and incendiary otpeli his song, is not necessary. In interviews, they always say that the important thing is not the place they occupy in the competition. Most importantly, in their opinion, justify the confidence of the country and the people who sent them to Baku.

As planned, the already catchy number and the tune, which is then impossible not to sing under his breath involuntarily, brightened by the presence on the stage of a real Russian oven. From it emits smoke, and in the course of the composition grandmother put her in a baking scones with Udmurt - Reprint. Piping hot pies removed from the oven at the end of the song and the cozy friendly circle divided among the participating musical group. Play whether this unusual and authentic idea at hand Buranovskie grandmothers, will be available for 26 May Eurovision finals.

Photo: vg-news.ru