The choice of a husband: subtlety and complexity

The choice of a husband: subtlety and complexity
 Sooner or later, the task of finding the "second half" confronts the majority of women. And you want to get married once, so the question of choice of decent husband remains open for a long time.

If your goal - to create a strong family, a long and happy married life, should be closely monitored for a partner, look at all the details, details and nuances of relationships. Today, even before the official marriage can feel like family. Nowadays, there is the concept of civil marriage, which allows to live together and get to know your partner.

When choosing a husband must look to many things. What is his relationship to you? Says he loves? Do not contradict the words of actions? Often a man loves a woman, but in spite of this, it does not show any respect. Pay attention to his feelings for you, but not to its fervent recognition and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sometimes in a marriage where the man has no respect for his woman, it happens that the husband treats her like property.

Psychologists say that the strongest couples where the partners similar temperaments. Pay attention to all aspects of his character - if you have something annoying, and you can not accept this, then most likely, the longer you will live together, the more these traits will take you out of yourself and cause a quarrel between you.

When choosing a husband pay attention to his family on what the relationship was between the parents elect, who were mainly family and stuff. As a rule, a child on a subconscious level, a model of the family, which then manifest, despite all the assurances of the elect, that he will do anything at all as it was brought up in his house.

Before you start looking for his ideal, engage in self-education, read various books about the features of the male psyche and behavior. Try to feel the difference between males and females and men perceive as they are, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

One of the common ways to choose a husband - drawing his portrait of the ideal and, as a consequence, the expectation of "prince". But it is necessary to live a reality and not an illusion. If you just sit and wait, it's likely you'll be alone. Therefore acquainted, establish contacts, learn people.

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