Pitfalls of civil marriage

Pitfalls of civil marriage
 "It's convention! "- A strong supporter of free relations. So-called civil marriage is legally referred to as cohabitation and implies the absence of official registration of the relationship in the presence of a common household, table and bed. Of course, the stamp in the passport - a private matter, but we should know what difficulties may arise in a civil marriage.
 Eternal roommates

 You feel really married lady: after work, run to the shops, and then - cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing and other "charms" of life. Law husband feeds you eternal "breakfast", postponing the wedding date for an indefinite period. Try to look at your relationship with your partner's point of view. After all, he enjoys all the advantages of living with a woman, but it is not burdened by any obligations. In most cases, loving man seeks as quickly as possible to put a finger on his chosen engagement ring, so the absence of such a desire can be considered as the first alarm bell. Think you do not give out wishful thinking. Maybe civil marriage - not your joint selection and the lack of serious intent on the part of the partner?

Property issue

 In addition to emotional problems, lack of printing in the passport could lead to legal problems. Investing in a major purchase, such as an apartment or a car, it is worth remembering that the property is worth to draw on two owners in the share ratio. If the acquired square meters will be fully recorded on your common-law spouse, the right to defend their part of any interruption would be difficult. Participation in the purchase will have to prove in court and the supporting documents: checks, bank statements, receipts.

Common children

 Sometimes a dash in the "Father" on the birth certificate of the joint toddler left to enjoy some of the advantages provided by the status of single mothers. For example, the benefits to enroll in kindergarten. However, if the love is suddenly over, and with it will be gone and the desire of men to participate in the upbringing and maintenance of the child, to prove his involvement in the emergence of an heir to the light have in court. So you should think twice when planning a pregnancy with a man who is not eager to lead his beloved to the altar.

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