Civil marriage: how to treat it

Civil marriage: how to treat it
 Today, many young people no longer recognize the official registration of marriage, as a kind of necessary procedure in order to live together and to create a unit of society. No such thing as civil marriage, denser part of the practice of life.

And, nevertheless, modern society can be roughly divided into two categories: the adherents of official marriages that are civil to put it mildly, not very good, and supporters of the very civil marriages who are defending their belief that "the print will not save love and maintain a sense. "

Such an ambiguous attitude to civil marriage to some extent justified. On the one hand we can not agree with the fact that the stamp in the passport is not a guarantee of feelings of love and mutual understanding between husband and wife. In addition, the official marriage involves a number of serious property obligations of men and women to each other. Especially with regards to these questions are relevant property, business and other major financial assets and investments. Thus, from this perspective, a civil marriage with the modern world is the most convenient form of co-existence of men and women from a legal standpoint.

On the other hand, if the marriage is not registered officially, property profiting together, but recorded only one owner. If then, for whatever reasons, this person dies, the other party couples are not always able to get their share of the property. Especially complicated situation, if the couple have children. And in this case, an undeniable advantage enjoyed marriage official.

However, the official marriage takes advantage not only for this reason. Not all modern society is ready to accept a couple living in a civil marriage as a full unit of society. In other words, society today is not fully prepared to recognize civil marriage tantamount to an official of their status and position. Thus, a woman and a man, living status, stand one step higher on the social plane, rather than people who live "in the civilian world." And particularly sensitive it can affect children.

Thus, today, every man for himself decides in which marriage is preferable to live. But you can not ignore all the legal aspects and those "pros" and "cons", which dictates modern society.

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