Women's idea of ​​marriage

Women's idea of ​​marriage
 Most women dream of living with your favorite happily, enjoying life together and overcoming all difficulties and sorrows. And for many it is really possible. But, unfortunately, some of them are quite a few who after some time after the marriage cruelly disappointed in their expectations, and all their dreams die under the rubble of successful marriage is not. Maybe they have misconceptions about marriage?
 Vision for the future status are added every person since childhood, and they depend primarily on family education. If family relationships are based on mutual respect and trust, the girl certainly try to protect these values ​​and in their own family. Of course, we can not say that a child growing up in a dysfunctional environment, does not dream of such a family, where there is respect and understanding, but it does not have a positive experience and an example of how to do it.

Representation of women on marriage depends also on the traditions and stereotypes that have developed in society. This applies, for example, the role of men in the family and distribution of household responsibilities, and marriage itself. Indeed, sometimes a girl, not internally ready for a serious relationship, marriage tends to just because it is made, or the fear of being alone and feel pity or censure from others.

Wanting to get married, modern woman wants her marriage served as a reliable support in life to a difficult beloved man could support it. Marriage, in the representation of women, also makes the happiness of motherhood. To have and raise their children - a desire, located at the genetic level.

Third of all women, as calculated by sociologists, looking for love in marriage. In their view, first of all, intimacy, mutual understanding and trust. They want a man was gentle and caring, always show them my respect and love in many different ways, to share his thoughts and feelings, and could hear all that they feel and want to say a woman. As emotional beings, women want to be near the person to whom it is always possible "complain to the vest."

On the other hand, there is no woman who would not want material prosperity and strong financial support for themselves and their children. In the role of the main earner in the family she still would like to see a man, though sometimes it may not need this.

Recently, Russian scientists have analyzed the representation of spouses of different sex and age of marriage. It was found that women 20-30 years old is considered a priority in the family caring and tenderness, and sexual satisfaction. It is also important for them and a sense of security that provides marriage. But middle-aged women endure in the first place sincerity and openness in family relationships, as well as the dedication of the family. At older ages, women most want from the marriage of financial stability and an established way of life, and tenderness and care withdrawn last place.

But why would not like women of different age and social status, as long as ideas about life and marriage have coincided with the ideas of men, because to achieve harmony and happiness they can only together.

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