My husband - a careerist and a workaholic

My husband - a careerist and a workaholic
 The presence of the husband-careerist - common. But only in some families the desire to make a career spouse acquires the scale of workaholism. If your family affected by this problem, you know - it should not be tolerated. We must learn to overcome unhealthy labor enthusiasm in order to avoid its tragic consequences.

Any hobby is good in moderation. Career involves the systematic promotion of the stairs, increasing revenues and improving competence. The key skill careerist - setting goals and plans to achieve them. Everything else - from the evil one. If your man sticks out too much at work, he just planning things are not very good. So, in fact, the choice should be done between two alternatives - either career or workaholism. One does not help, but contrary.

If you see your husband in the beginnings of a workaholic, you need to take several steps.

1. Help them identify and achieve results. There are men who are in the business process-oriented, rather than the result. They make bad climbers, but ideal workhorse. The entire office to put their own problems, and they think that by helping all around, will move up. Often this is a false expectation. While her husband does not learn to set clear goals and achieve them, he did not get out of the routine, devouring his time without prospects for improvement.

2. Take a lesson with him the ability to manage time. There are two key points - the ability to write to-do list and prioritize. It is important to realistically assess the chances of the sections. And if all the cases in this period can not be done, the most unimportant should pass on to others, or cancel.

3. Analyze the problems of the family. Men often hide behind workaholism from family problems or responsibilities. Especially common in care work, when you can not fully realized in the sexual sphere. Be sure to address emerging problems in the family, do not let him run away from them. Workaholism bad for the family and a career. If he's hiding in the turmoil of, he loses precious life time on empty troubles.

4. Praise his achievements. Sometimes men begin to process due to excessive demands of his wife. Trying to ensure its financial needs, they run the emotional and sexual relationship. As a result, the family may be destroyed. Praise him for all that he does for you. Appreciate his achievements, even the smallest. Convinced that money can not replace his attention to you. And then you will have a chance to gain full-fledged family relationships. And he can become a true careerist who hurt trudogolizmne reach goals.

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