Love marriage and arranged marriage

Love marriage and arranged marriage
 Sharp condemnation of arranged marriages often prevents an objective perception of this phenomenon. It is believed that such an alliance is where there is no love, and it is all defined benefits obtained wife - is something wrong. By the marriage of unequal marriages include the secured man marries a "Cinderella" or vice versa. But all is not as straightforward.

Though we have dissembled, but any couple formed by calculation or love, is this very account: emotional, material or complex. In another way, can not be. Any rational calculation in a relationship is. This concerns plans live together as long as possible and with the highest pleasure from each other. Even if a couple madly in love and marriage that is born in heaven, to live in love have still to earth.

In infantile marriage, when the young couple thrown into the maelstrom of love and marry, the calculation is the desire to stay longer in their childhood without adult control. Such pairs very quickly disintegrate when disappears parental support, and there are minor difficulties. As a result, the children return to the family home and continue to live in the care of their parents.

Another example - the marriage between people in adulthood. It is known that the older a person gets, the harder it is to find a partner. This is due precisely to the fact that the marriage union experienced man approaches with cold calculation. If the upcoming marriage promises more benefits than single status, that person agrees to change habitual way of life. Needless to say that such a marriage would be much more durable than the infantile, which was seething passion?

And in the case of infantile marriage and in the case of marriage, "thirties" the couple are in the same position and with the same expectations. But there are situations where the spouses are not the same calculation. For example, a lovestruck man marries a girl with the expectation that she will love him, worship, and so on. A girl from a cold calculation. It can be not only material. A woman may need in your home, in children, it can push a lot of factors on which it seeks to escape through marriage with a man, if not the favorite. This often leads to psychological internal conflict. Understanding over time, that she does not like, he may develop a syndrome of addictive behavior: a man can fall in alcohol, drug abuse, make random random links on the side. Marriage in this case is doomed.

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