Cooling causes of male sex

Cooling causes of male sex
 At first, the relationship was romantic, passionate, and sex was every day. Then sex life became obey certain schedule. Over the years, it is difficult to remember when my husband showed expressed desire for the last time. What happens to male sexuality under the influence of past years?  

Years go by, a man accustomed to the habit ... And not to become the best ally for the emergence of mutual passion. Too many men are arranged so that more than anything else they are interested in is the forbidden fruit.

But while doing his job, and his wife has not been associated with a unique love games, but with the usual routine. Perhaps, in this case, will help radical methods such as the introduction of a sex life new trends or joint vacation on exotic islands. Still, the main thing - to prevent such cooling.

However, the problem may be more serious. Some men show indifference to his wife, but in this case does have a good time in the arms of other women. Such a situation the stronger sex standard motivate banal male penchant for polygamy.

In this case, experts strongly advise to leave a man for a while. Here outcomes may be two. Or repentant husband will understand and come back, or the wife will understand that it is not so much to her and he needed.

The causes of male sexual affairs cooling to be more simple things. For example, some members of the stronger sex just do not want to make love too often. At the stage of relationship they could still feel the desire, often go to bed, but years later it is enough once every two weeks.

And husbands simply banal tired at work, and the joy they have no neither the desire nor the strength. These homes are not even workaholics release of attention production problems, and in bed thinking about operational issues rather than of his beloved wife. And if you fall weekend, they appear much more comfortable just near the TV.

In the latter two cases, the wives have to accept. But still sometimes try to at least try to surprise her chosen. Perhaps tempting offer might interest him more than the regular news on TV.

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