Are you ready to live together

Are you ready to live together
 Life together with her lover - a valuable experience that it is desirable to get another before the wedding. It will help you avoid unpleasant situations where only after the marriage turns out that the couple is not able to live in an apartment, not arranging scandals daily. But you should be able to choose the right moment to move in a separate house to a hasty decision did not lead to rupture.
 Candy flower period - the wrong time to start living together, so if the relationship is just beginning, just enjoy the courtship. To arrive at this time it is not necessary for two reasons. Firstly, life quickly destroy the romance and courtship ends at the wrong time. Second, you and your partner are still not well know each other, so surely will make a lot of errors that will eventually lead to a deterioration in relations.

If your relationship continues long enough, and you're already thinking about the wedding, so we should try to live together. But first consider whether you are ready for it. Are concessions, and perhaps even to give up some of their habits? Are their own housekeeping, spend with your loved one more time than usual to take care of it? And do not forget to ask about the same soul mate: both of you must be absolutely sure that you want to live together. Violence, blackmail, persuasion in such cases completely inappropriate and nothing good will not result.

It makes sense to talk a bit with her lover to understand how successful will be your life together. The fact that one desires will not be enough to keep the relationship with a sharp divergence of views. In particular, it is necessary, even in jest, to discuss what should be the role of men and women in the house. If you think that the young man has to help with household chores, take care of your favorite and take care of it, and your man is sure that a woman has to do everything herself while her boyfriend relaxing and watching TV, scandals will be difficult to avoid. Wait for the time when both of you are ready to adjust their views and to make concessions for the sake of a loved one. Also deserve special consideration financial issues.

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