5 skillful techniques to preserve the strength of family ties

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 By the strength of family ties tend to all couples, but not everyone knows what it takes to do that. After all, the duration of marriage depends on a solid foundation of relations and what kind of steps it takes couple to strengthen their relationships and make them more perfect.  
 Each couple who lived in the family union for decades, has its own secrets long marriage. However, there are basic methods which may help.

1. The family create an atmosphere of emotional comfort without love - it is impossible. But do not nourish the hope that enough alone words of love, as the word needs to be supported and their actions. You can show your love in many ways, for example, can help around the house, arrange romantic dinners, give gifts, to pay compliments.

2. The problem many couples is that they are too little to communicate with each other, with a time of secondary things. But it is communication and the ability to listen to others - a very important component of family happiness. Even though, if only because talking, people are beginning to better understand the motivations of their partners, their words and behavior, which significantly reduces the occurrence of conflicts arising from misunderstanding. An excellent opportunity for communication within the family circle are meals together. Therefore it is necessary to establish family traditions, for example, with respect to a meal together, and as often as possible to gather together at the table.

3. The ability to perceive a partner as he is. No man is perfect, so you need to accept the shortcomings of the second half. Gotta love partner, but do not criticize it, condemn it and demand that he has changed. The only way a person can own to want to get better. In addition, to the extent possible, if you have habits that irritate your partner - try to adapt to his wishes.

4. Do not do in the home and without respect. And do not forget that this concept is multifaceted, because it is necessary to respect not only the individual, but also the opinions, interests and dreams, her preferences and interests.

5. Conflict situations arise in all families, and some of them may develop into scandals and a cause of divorce. In order not to bring the matter before the critical point, problem solving must not procrastinate. Way to solve the conflict with the need to become a co-determination causes unpleasant situation and a compromise solution is get out of it.

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