The former wife of your husband. Which shirt do you play?

The former wife of your husband. Which shirt do you play?
 Most likely you will be very happy in marriage and believe that it is very loved by her man. But what if he has behind him there is a sad experience in the form of his ex-wife? You must decide for yourself once and for all - is there a place that woman in your life.

Whatever the former wife under what conditions would neither broke her marriage with your husband, it is unlikely you will have to taste. Even if you do anything she does not give in one day will be jealous. This is very difficult to admit including itself, but in this case the required self-criticism.

 Jealousy is almost always there, regardless of the circumstances. There are several examples of such cases. It sometimes happens that a man maintain no relationship with ex-wife and try not to mention it for no particular reason. It would seem, is ideal. But usually comes a time when a woman's head a thought: "But he was married to her, so she pretty ... And suddenly I worse?"

 You can not doubt that the unpleasant thoughts and suspicions are not elude you in the event that a beloved man talks to his ex-wife. You will constantly compare themselves and be angry and sometimes quarrel with her husband. Unfortunately, the sense of ownership is often stronger than reason.

 Even harder is the woman from a previous marriage when her husband has a child. With it always have to be considered, to put up with the time that a man spends on you. And the presence of their children can further aggravate the situation, because you will find that the previous family steals your husband.

 But the worst situation happens when the ex-wife does not agree with your happiness and wants to return to her husband. Here you have to fight and. But only if it's really threatens the well-being of your family.

 First of all, think about it, does your husband reason to doubt his loyalty. Remember, each quarrel that you arrange for his ex-wife, you just give yourself the woman's husband. In this situation, it is best to talk with your loved frankly. Recognize that you are jealous of him that you do not want to lose, and you have a very frustrating behavior of his ex-wife.

 Your husband will appreciate much more open dialogue, rather than suspicion and scandals. Try to understand that this stage of life they have lived, did not return back, and he chose you. Much better would be if you strengthen relationships with their attention, tenderness and passion.

 Even if you are very hard to let go of her husband in the house of his former family, remember that having a child requires him to be responsible. Treat it with understanding. A good solution would be friends with this kid. Your man certainly appreciate it.

 And whatever did ex-wife, do not forget that you are happy, confident woman who is not afraid of difficulties.

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