Separation of duties between husband and wife

Separation of duties between husband and wife
 In those days, when there was no electricity and appliances, there was segregation of duties between husband and wife. Those cases, the implementation of which required considerable physical effort or technical skills were considered masculine, all the rest - women. Today, perhaps, no longer exists purely male or female household chores.
 In modern families, especially urban, there is no need to do heavy "male" jobs, such as harvest and chop wood, cut cattle, plow, carry on bags yourself with home supplies. In fact, family concerns were limited to cleaning, washing, cooking and washing dishes. For repair and construction works can hire a specialist.

With the remaining household copes problems or helps manage home appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, food processor. To perform this work, is not required to apply physical effort - just enough desire and time. Therefore, to cope with any chores around the house can be both male and female.

Because modern families both spouses work the same way, and often their material contribution to family well-being are the same, there is no sense in the division of responsibilities. The best option - to perform them together, having distributed on the basis of who is better to get, or do something to someone who is currently free.

The sharing of necessary household tasks, in fact - a useful ritual strengthens family relationships. When both spouses are working together in the home, it allows to deal with it quickly and spend time together, resting from work.

There is no sense in reproaches and quarrels, figuring out who is more tired, and what kind of things in the house of her husband's duty, and what - his wife. Immediately arrange that they will not be divided into "male" and "female" and divide them if necessary so that everyone do what he likes. Should work to ensure that perform household chores cause for satisfaction for both spouses, because it helps to make their common home cleaner and more comfortable.

In that case, when the couple love and respect each other, no problems should not arise. Willingness to compromise and make life easier for your loved one will do household chores is not a duty, but a pleasure.

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