On the verge of divorce

On the verge of divorce
 According to statistics, more than half of first marriages break up. If your family also faces a catastrophe of this, think about what you really want: to keep the relationship or stop these tortures. Well, when you decide, begin to act boldly.
 If you decide that you have spent the best years of my life to that man boldly divorce. But if you have even the slightest glimmer of hope that your marriage can still be happy, engage your entire Women's arsenal. To begin remember that men by nature hunters. They are not interested in the conquered territories. So try to change. You should begin, of course, with the appearance, because the stronger sex like eyes.

So, give himself up. You are now completely useless extra pounds, disheveled hair or peeling paint. First of all go to the gym or jogging. Then try to create a new look. Unfortunately, all without the cost can not do here. After all, you need a new sexy clothes, hairdresser, expensive perfume. Do not skimp on yourself, remember that you are saving it for his family.

In parallel with the change in appearance engaged and correction of his character. Remember that it is your spouse in you do not like. Gradually fix your bad traits of temperament. Few people are pretty nervous and scandalous person, so try not to quarrel with her husband. Even if it takes you to the conflict, tactfully move away from the conversation. Go to the store or to her friends, to avoid controversy.

Do not try to cause jealousy, because this may be the last straw of patience your husband. Relationship with him to be quiet and friendly. Forget about all the bad things that happened to you. Remember only the good, and then your attitude to the spouse will change for the better.

Do not forget that men are very important comfort of home. Therefore regularly to clean and cook food. Let not any store bought dumplings! Try to find time to cook a full meal consisting of salad, first, second and sweet. The latter, however, can be neglected, and if your spouse does not have a sweet tooth.

Pay particular attention to your intimate relationships. Do not refuse intimacy, because your spouse might start to look for sex elsewhere. After all, he is sure that the case you go for a divorce, and that's not going to notice for a special guilt for adultery. Try to surprise her husband in bed, play role-playing games, buy toys in specialized stores, use whipped cream and ice.

If you really want to save the marriage, always be considerate towards your loved one. Do not run yourself, always look attractive. And of course, do not wear robes old house. Believe me, that from such an ideal family your husband just does not want to leave!

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