Legal issues: how to get a divorce, if your husband - a foreigner?

Legal issues: how to get a divorce, if your husband - a foreigner?
 On the territory of the Russian Federation order divorces and a list of required documents for this procedure are determined by the laws of our country, in particular - the Family Code. However, compliance alone rules laid down in it, is not enough, if your husband - a foreigner.
 In Russia, the divorce between a female citizen of the Russian Federation and foreign men is made on the basis of the norms of the Russian family law - of course, provided that the marriage is recognized legally in the territory of our country. For example, if a husband-citizen of the country in which religious marriages are equal to the legal registration of the marriage, and the legalization procedure of your relationship in Russia you do not pass, it is necessary to apply for a divorce in the state authorities about the place of marriage. Moved to her husband and live outside the borders of Russia? Divorce in the native registry office again have to forget.

If you do not have common minor children, you can dilute the consulate or representation of the State of which at the moment is your husband. Most European countries prefer to breed "international" couples only through the courts. Therefore, living in France, England, Italy, and the United States of Russian citizen will have to sue for divorce magistrate in the community.

Family Code provides for judicial procedure for divorce only if common children. In a court order will have to provide a passport of both spouses and their notarized copies, birth certificate, evidence of the existence of marital relationship between you and your husband, as well as help the statutory form of the provisional registration wife in Russia. If you plan to apply for child support, provide an income statement and copies of tax returns for the last three years of employment of both parents. Registration authorities of the country of residence of your former partner must be notified of the decision to be taken by a Russian court. The obligation to inform rests on your shoulders - do not forget to take a copy with a certificate of divorce and send her to assure a valuable letter to the local authorities at his place of residence. 

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