How to maintain respect in the family

How to maintain respect in the family
 To preserve the respect in marriage is necessary to build relationships so that all family members feel important and to recognize the value of its existence.
 First of all, respect should be formed to the head of the family. Your husband should not constantly feel the unlimited power and responsibility for his family. Make it easy enough. Do not take independent decisions even if there is a clear plan of action. Give my husband a chance to think, to reason. Respecting his opinion and point of view, ask them to discuss your decision. Thus you will give him the opportunity to respect your thinking and opt for the best solution, feel like a real "captain" in the family. Some situations require more feminine understanding and logic to solve independently, but be sure to put in the fame of her husband.

Otherwise, your husband will cease to be interested in the affairs of the family, to fully enjoy their uselessness, because without it all ready and done. Over time, you will find that he is near you, loses its former interest in itself, is in a depressed state of frustration and uncertainty. You not only lose respect in the family, but the family itself.

A man must feel that he is a reliable support of his family, that he is able at any time to protect her and take appropriate action. It is important in any situation, trust your spouse to be a woman, a wife, the weaker sex. Moreover, it is worth reminding her husband often about his feelings. These relationships allow for a long time to feel the mutual love, respect, care.

When you see children never refuse help of her husband. Avoid giving him advice, give him a chance to feel like a father to the fullest.

If you feel that you are being treated without due respect, keep your emotions under control. Calmly and confidently talk about it with her husband, trying to resolve the situation at the earliest stage of its occurrence. Keep in a family friendly and open, try to maintain a good mood yourself and your loved ones.

Do not be afraid of conflict. It is important to find such arguments that will make reconciliation fast and exclude further disagreements. Do not reply to the objection immediately if you feel irritation and anger. Calm down and prepare for a good and reasoned conversation with her lover. Behave wisely, because it is always considered a woman homemaker.

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