How to keep the family together, or which can improve family relationships, and that they destroy

How to keep the family together, or which can improve family relationships, and that they destroy
 When the family world rarely think spouses than cemented their relationship, which is the basis for the well-being of the family. But suddenly it is that family life suddenly breaks, and restore it is no longer possible. Try to understand what improves family relationships, and what destroys them, making close friends strangers.

The main reason for the cooling of relations between the spouses are grievances and complaints, which tend to accumulate. When the number of passes for a critical mass, nothing good family life is not worth waiting for. It turns into a solid indictment process.

Try less critical of their partner. Of course, it is easy to declare, it is much more difficult to stick to this line of behavior in real life. But we need to get rid of this habit gradually, step by step. If you get an irresistible urge to criticize, be a lawyer of his partner - try to mentally justify it, if you are a member of the trial. Try to analyze their behavior, because often we criticize people for something that does not love himself. Exclude from your circle of contacts of people who constantly criticize everything and everyone - nothing useful to you, they can not bring.

Be able to forgive - high property soul. Understand for yourself this simple truth. Accumulating petty grievances can destroy even the strongest marriage. Life, unfortunately, is arranged so that the hardest hurt loved ones. The only way out of this situation - to learn to forgive. Forgiveness should not just sound out of your mouth, and mature in the shower. Once forgiven, in any case, do not remind the partner of this offense. Brilliantly your thoughts on this topic expressed the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras: "Washed the resulting offense is not in the blood, and in the summer, the river of forgetfulness."

Increase your self-esteem. Emotional experiences on any slight occasion, as a rule, are not subject to self-confident people. Self-respecting person has a strong immune to insults, criticism and desire to criticize others. Work on yourself. But remember, your confidence should not be based on the superiority over others.

Rest of each other. It is not necessary to disperse to different continents, enough to allow each other to have their own space.

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