How to find a common language with her mother in law

How to find a common language with her mother in law
Why women often can not find a common language with their mothers husbands? Why in-law so much to find fault with him, insulted and otherwise show their displeasure? The answer is trivial - female jealousy. To normalize relations wife will have to show all their worldly wisdom, and remember a few simple rules of communication with his "second mother".
Daughter will never have to complain about their parents-in-law. This is a small thing that does not win its confidence, and make things worse - in the head "second mother" born suspicion that and talk about it as well. Never complain in-law to her husband. Even if she is aware of (which is unlikely), that her son was not perfect, then admit it publicly for many can not afford, because it would mean that she had not brought it. Saying "An apple does not fall far from the tree" was invented on purpose.

Also, do not talk in-law about his past. And if so still had to lift the veil of their light or not of the past, you must do it very carefully. Not every mother wants her son to compare with someone and, God forbid, not for the better. Trying to mend relations with her mother in law, remember that it is first and foremost, good or bad, but my mother, a woman blinded by infinite love for his son. And look for the keys to her heart will just love.

Never argue and do not go into open conflict, if you have something not like councils in-law housekeeping or child-rearing. Discuss this first with her husband - his mom listen rather than you.

You need to use your weakness and female-in-law. Loves to gossip? Tell her some tidbits. Loves art? Go with her to the museum or in the conservatory. Do not make a monster out of his mother in law - it is an ordinary woman, the mother of your beloved and most likely you can find it with common interests.

Consult with his mother in law. You do not have to follow her advice, but what you ask her opinion, she is sure to appreciate. Take a firm dish recipes - it will flatter any woman.

If in-law is coming to your home without permission and suggesting where their orders, there is also better to work through her husband. In an extreme case, change the locks because of the "failure" and just do not give new keys under the pretext. If you live in the house-in-law, then there will have to follow her orders. With its regulations do not go to another monastery.

But the best by any means try to settle separately. Love, we all know good from a distance, and the lack of a second in the kitchen hostess will avoid more than half of the traditional differences-in-law.

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