Divorce - the beginning of a new life

Divorce - the beginning of a new life
 Divorce - a dramatic event. But it is not necessary to consider this difficult period of negative, destructive. After the divorce, life goes on - and in your power to make her happy.
 First you need to establish order in the soul, cease to suffer from the fact that the family was destroyed. Even if there is some, and your guilt - not reproach yourself. All in the past and all the better. Turn the page, start with a clean slate. Of course, it is not easy. We'll have to work on yourself, something to change the world - but not about any of that new life can not be considered.

The house remained the things the former spouse, the photos that the two of you? And so the past does not leave you memories - everywhere. Do not sit, immersed in them. If you do not have the heart to throw away the heart of disturbing items, send them "a link" in the farthest corner of the pantry or cabinet.

It happens that the apartment and furnishings reminiscent of the old days. In this case, try for some time to change the habitat. If possible, stay with parents or close friends. Hearken to their problems, help than can, communicate from the heart. So you not only to get closer to them, but also distracted from his drama.

It is not necessary with the head goes to work just to numb the pain of the break. Take care of yourself, because you already are experiencing a stressful situation. Excessive shock work can only exacerbate it, to bring you to a nervous breakdown and exhaustion.

Maybe your mood is absolutely not the rainbow, you have nothing more inspiring than not touch them. Do not rush to raise the tone of pills or alcohol. Everything was okay, time heals - it's not just empty words. Try to do what gives at least a little joy. Gardening, cooking, crafts, pet grooming, long walks - all this you can find comfort, solace and psychological treatment.

Gradually comes a sense of freedom, self-sufficiency, mental ease. Will open up new horizons, will future plans, hopes and dreams. Your experience of family life will serve in good stead: not to repeat the mistakes, you become wiser. And life will find bright colors, sparkle with new colors.

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