Divorce and former

Divorce and former
 Divorce - a difficult situation for a woman, even if it was initiated by her. Broken dreams, feelings and died stamp in the passport of divorce - and that's all that remains after the brief moments of happiness. Many of the fairer sex after parting are emotional stupor, because all the dreams and plans were destroyed.
 Some couples after divorce are trying to establish if not love, at least friendships. And this is justified, if the family has children. Well, if you do not have any links, this situation may result in a woman sad. For many years it used to be with a man. In grief and joy, as they say in the marriage vow. She was used to it, to the fact that all the time he is near, solves problems, support in word and deed, gives a smile. And remains one after the divorce is very scary. Loneliness - the unpleasant feeling, especially when there has long been a close person.

And some women make the common mistake. They go back to the rendezvous, physical or emotional. But, most of all, it brings no joy. Man, on the one hand, feels free, he does not mind to have a new romance or just spend a pleasant evening in the company of cute ladies. On the other hand, he always has a place where it will take, feed, soothe, and maybe even was packed in a warm bed.

The woman is a widow straw. She seems to have a man, albeit coming, so look for a new, more often, do not allow moral principles. But, at the same time, she was lonely, because the ex-husband she did not appear too often. In addition, the feelings are still alive, even if it regular habit.

This situation can last for a long time. After all, a man handy when on hand ready for all woman. A representative of the fairer sex can dramatically cut all ties of thread. And even if she tried again to do this, the former spouse is unlikely to let her go so easily.

Ladies, if you are already divorced, do not succumb to provocations ex-husband, do not save a relationship with him. Tear Us sharply need not to be in trouble. Do not answer his calls and SMS to keep their independence and happiness.

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