Causes of male jealousy

Causes of male jealousy
 Most women think that if a man is jealous, it means love. In fact, far from it. In families where the man is a pathological jealous, live prohibitions, egoism, mistrust, misunderstanding and abuse. And this, in the end, leads to the disintegration of the family, or in the worst case, a criminal offense.

Family psychologists have identified a number of reasons male jealousy:

1.Neuverennost confidence. The reasons for this state can be different. As a rule, jealous often diffident men who are afraid that their significant other will find someone better and more dignified. There are women who specifically provoke jealousy of men, thinking that it is able to warm up cooled feelings. But in fact, jealousy is only able to destroy the love and the chief cause of divorce family.

2.Revnuet, then drink. According to research scientists, jealous men have a very genuine passion for alcoholic beverages. And in this state they can not perceive, respectively adequately the behavior of their women. Everything begins to repeat the same scenario: jealousy, alcohol, quarrel.

3.Gospodin and master. Many men - owners. So when a woman tries to show at least some independence, a man do not like it that prompts him to rash actions. And that is a manifestation of female autonomy is regarded as a step towards a man's infidelity.

4.Bogatoe imagination. Overactive imagination, and the ability to interpret what is happening in their own way can lead to very poor results. After all, making a move, the man out of jealousy loses his mind, living in a dream world and taking it for the truth. A magnificent example of this Othello and Desdemona's handkerchief.

5.Zhenskoe manifestation of jealousy. Women's jealousy occurs much more frequently than men. And it manifests itself differently. Women rarely will keep quiet about it. And it's all because of man's polygamous. They usually several partners, while only one single woman. But men are experiencing much deeper, remaining alone with his thoughts. Out of fear of dropping his manhood they are silent about it, so are in constant mental stress.

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