Best aphorisms about marriage

Best aphorisms about marriage
 "In family life, the most important screw - this is love," - said another Anton Chekhov. "Good thing the marriage will not be called" - Lev Landau objected to it. Aphorisms of marriage there is a huge amount, and only your choice, to some wise people listen, and whose sayings better to skip past the ears.

Most often a person utters the phrase, after having experienced something in his life that caused him to make some conclusions. Accordingly, all aphorisms, in which sound unflattering epithets against family relationships, originate from certain situations. These include the Socratic "Marriage, if we speak the truth, the evil, but a necessary evil," or saying Adriana Dekurselya: "The family - such a good thing that many men have two families at the same time."

Still, the majority of phrases and sayings about marriage contain a reverent attitude to the family. "What Makes a Family in kindness, openness, responsiveness," - said Emile Zola. Chamfort believes that "marriage should be for love, as well as the smoke of the fire." "There is no place nicer than his home," - said Cicero was certainly right. Stendhal says it all: "When you love, you do not want to drink water other than that which is in your favorite sources. Faithfulness in this case - a natural thing. In a loveless marriage is less than two months after the water source becomes bitter. "

Some aphorisms contain instructive notes and if warned what to expect from family life. "Marriage - a long conversation, interrupted by disputes", - said Robert Stevenson, warning young couples that not everything can be perfect in the relationship. Honore de Balzac, Tolstoy and Nikolai Chernyshevsky in his sayings advise: "Marriage can not be happy, if the spouses before joining the Union has not learned a perfect manners, habits and characters of each other", "Only then it is easy to live with someone when you do not nor think themselves superior to better him or his higher and better yourself. " "In family life, the main thing - patience. Love can not last long. "

As a child, we try to listen to parents. Maybe in a more adult needs to listen more to the wise men, the phrase which for centuries instruct on the right path. Just remember the words of Hans Sachs, "for an honest husband and wife always honest." Be worthy of each other, and you do not have to agree with not too pleasant sayings about family life.

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