Again become the wife of ...

Again become the wife of ...
 New marriage brings new hope. Hopefully, all the former problems are gone and will not be repeated, the new family life will happily. According to statistics, remarriage is usually stronger than the first, the divorce rate among people who entered into a second marriage, is significantly lower. This is due to the fact that men get older, more tolerant to many unimportant detail, as well as take into account the experiences of their mistakes.  

Before becoming the wife again, you need to analyze what the problem was a previous marriage, why it did not work out? Be honest with yourself and impartial.

In most cases, the marriage breaks down the fault of two. Even if you are inclined to blame her ex-husband, think, because it is you choose it. Usually people constantly choose the same partners, with similar "tone." And similar people of similar quality. If you realize that you are attracted to her first husband, and what features of his personality were unacceptable to you, you can avoid a repetition of the sad stories, to construct a new sailing directions, which will not let you fly on dangerous reefs.

The new status is possible to smooth the corners to prevent those situations which were heavy in the former. If you are aware of what the person you make a mistake, you can correct their behavior.

Do not fall into the trap of many women to remarry - do not compare their husbands! Just write this new chapter of my life without corrections. Comparison is always deceptive, you are comparing not only the men as long as he's past and present. Do not forget also that the man also can compare you to a previous wife. Do not try to compete with his former wife, you have your own story, your own, and the best option for both of you will be looking at each other, not backward.

As a rule, people entering into a new marriage, already have children. Most likely, your children will live with you and with her new husband and his - his ex-wife.

In this difficult situation, you should do everything to have a relationship with your children's stepfather. Look at the new darling - whether it can be a good father to them? You depends what will be their attitude. Remember also that of her husband and children should not be infringed. Get all their wisdom and do not let them communicate. It is sometimes difficult, especially due to the fact that her husband will have contact with their mother, but you are wiser, right?

The new marriage must take into account the interests of all parties, and it is often the woman is the force that will bring harmony in relationships.

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