Unequal Marriage: nip in the bud

Unequal Marriage: nip in the bud
 Attitude to unequal marriage, most people still remains negative, causing a desire to prevent the conclusion of such an alliance. But often unequal marriage can become a salvation for an elderly person.

Unequal Marriage was originally called union in which the spouses were observed significant differences in age, status or position in society. And the attitude of others to such unions have always ranged from neutral to openly hostile. But to the strong floor in all countries was made to treat more leniently: if desired, and there are no objections from relatives could take him a wife from a lower class.
However, until the XX century, the desire to stop on the vine such intentions arose and the rulers and aristocrats, and the church: class should not have been mixed, it threatens the existing order. But by the beginning of the last century, the differences between the different sectors of society began to fade, the first place went to the attitude of the person as a self-contained unit, and people are more free to choose partners.
So now unequal marriage was considered a union in which the husband and wife share a minimum of ten years. And others still the temptation to do everything so that such a union did not take place.
The reason, of course, in the tradition of the centuries. And still a couple where the woman is older men are much more harshly than the one where the opposite is true. Nevertheless, the number of marriages where the wife is older than her husband of ten years or more, is constantly growing. Example of pop stars and the growth of women's independence, probably influenced by the fact that, according to statistics, only in Moscow from sixty thousand and five thousand weddings (this nine percent) plotting the bride, who are older than their grooms for at least seven years. Of these, more than a thousand marriages are those where the wife is older than her husband for more than ten years. However, according to sociologists, is actually more like unions five times.
Wedding subconsciously perceived by most as a necessary formality for subsequent births. Therefore, Union, where the age of the wife already can hardly be called childbearing is perceived by others as "wrong". Although, if the spouse is much older than his companion, the same negative attitude.
Often the younger spouse is accused of commercialism and even criminal intent. Therefore caring relatives seek to "protect" the potential of the newlyweds "villain" or "villain". However, this is often not the case. According to sexologist Mary Pepper, unequal marriage is able to literally rejuvenate older wife, to return to him the meaning of life, to make sense of her taste. When a sexual relationship sidelined, more attention is being given to communication, romance, mutual care and affection. As a result, the psychological unity of such pairs can be much stronger than the spouses of the same age.
Therefore mother before trying to "stop standing" unequal marriage, it is worth considering even if the part of the younger partner there is a material interest, it is not always a bad thing. A reasonable approach, this aspect can only strengthen relations: Senior marriage will be happy to bestow the benefits of younger and younger will feel gratitude and appreciation for the care.
Nevertheless, it is important all the same before marriage discuss all material aspects, eliminating abuses on both sides. The marriage contract ceases to be exotic: a spouse, he will give peace of mind, and the other will protect from the condemnation of others. It is also necessary to protect the interests of the rest of the family: children from previous marriages and even possible heirs.
According to the announcement, the older the person, the more positive it relates to the possibility of unequal marriage. Does it mean less critical with regard to his age? Or a desire to get a new and interesting experience to take from life something else, start a new relationship? Therefore, those who seek every possible way to prevent someone else unequal marriage, you should consider: whether to withdraw its relative hopes for happiness, doomed to a lonely old age? And whether he is ready to devote their time lonely elderly person? Or is it better to allow people to decide their fate themselves? However, a related concern, especially from adult children, will not be superfluous.

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