Second marriage: the triumph of hope over experience of life

Second marriage: the triumph of hope over experience of life
 English critic Samuel Johnson belongs to the phrase that "second marriage - a victory over life experience." It is expected that the experience gained in the first marriage, may be sufficient reason not to repeat the same mistake. But to err is human nature, and so many out there and then married a second time, not realizing and not draw any conclusions from his first marriage. And yet, these are typical mistakes and we will try to summarize them.

In many cases, having gone through a hard divorce scandals and mutual humiliation, the woman immediately, without examining the old relationships, forge new and literally "pops" married a second time. This is partly due to the desire to assert themselves and prove yourself, and often, her first husband, she can still love and be loved. Such haste greatly increases the risk of error and it happens that after a while you are surprised to find that exchanged the flea.

Try to avoid this and give yourself a mental break for a year or two. This is a great time to analyze their failures and, finally, to clearly define with what the man you want. Now, with the invaluable experience of living together, a sin not to use them.

In addition, you are surprised to find that to be alone - not terrible, but in many ways also just great. Subsequent marriage is not for you will be the straw for which a drowning man clutches, but will deliberate solution to make more enjoyable your already beautiful existence.

Often the choice of a husband for a woman to determine the relationship with his father - or it subconsciously looking for someone who looks like her father's favorite, or one who is his complete opposite, if the relationship with the father did not exist. But how, when, and second husband often becomes after a while just a clone of the first - just starts drinking or change you. This suggests that the cause of the metamorphosis was not what your husbands are bad, but your behavior in the family.

If you have instituted constant squabbles and scandals, if you are constantly reproached her husband and predyavlyat to him excessive demands, humiliate his male ego, then sooner or later it will start to look for an outlet in partying with friends, or alcohol use.

Try not to repeat the mistakes that led to the collapse of a previous marriage. Be aware that with the years of experience and we all become less flexible in a relationship, so try to adjust to his new partner. As adults, decide for yourself the problem of trust in the family and the possibility of relaxing statements Claims to marry you not become a habit.

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