Men's misconceptions about sex

Men's misconceptions about sex
 In the men's minds prevail myths about sex that prevent strong floor to realistically assess the situation. These errors can stand in the way of understanding sexual partners. Therefore it is necessary to deal with a few moments.

It is believed that women, unlike men, can live without intimacy. This is not quite true. Usually men really feel the need for sex more often than women, but the weaker sex it is needed. Sexual desire of women depends on a number of reasons. First of all - it's emotional state, as well as menstruation, age and fluctuations in hormonal levels.

Another misconception men is a myth that the later the girl starts having sex, the better. Otherwise, it may develop various diseases.

At a certain age there comes a time of physical and psychological readiness of women to sex. Earlier this stage began in 17-18 years, but eventually the age of sexual consent is decreased. Now he is at 16 years. Start of interest in sexuality is only 2-3 years later is already talking about a delay of psycho-sexual development and the possibility of sexual dysfunction in the future.

While some men believe in frigidity and modesty of women, the other gave a false conception of life online. Along with the development of Internet technology and increased accessibility to various kinds of porn movies. Men in their youth, after watching such films formed in his mind a number of false claims about the woman. Thus they have a sophisticated understanding of the ladies, and they can not understand why they refuse to carry out some bold experiments in oral or anal sex. But over time, each man has to understand how things work in the real world.

Also, after such films a man can develop an idea that can only satisfy a woman member of an impressive size. But she had chosen one, in turn, should be only a slender, long-legged and big tits. And only with experience comes the realization that it is not in shapes and sizes, and the ability to use it all.

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