Male and female sexual experience

Male and female sexual experience
 The biggest factor in the sexual difference between man and woman - is that a woman can get pregnant, and the man is not. In addition, it is difficult to imagine if it were not a woman, but it is men who could bear within themselves almost nine months of the child, then it is men who take care of a child's life, not only in the first years of life, but also up to 18 years. It is this factor and several other sexual difference affect perception of the opposite sex and attitudes towards sex as such.

Education of boys and girls initially lays gender inequality. To the girls are more tender and touching, and boys perceive as the future of men, swinging head and communicate without showing too much tenderness. This approach to education is already laying the difference and psychological development, and perception of the world as a whole.

Erotic fantasies are filled with women more romance and care, and men's erotic fantasies focus more on taking it in terms of oral sexual intercourse. Due to the different education and world-imposed women and men get sexually aroused differently.

Viewing pornography causes different feelings and different degrees of excitement in men and women. Used to think that women perceive more sensitive intimate relationship, but the experience of psychologists has revealed that a close relationship partners of both sexes are experiencing strong feelings.

Different periods of life and psychological make it possible to experience a different sexual attraction. For example, a man who has a masculine appearance and is a normal heterosexual, can perceive sex as a woman. It can be a sensitive and delicate, have a need to be with a single partner. At the same time, a woman who is gentle and fragile, may wish to be in bed with several muzhichina. This suggests that at different moments of life, each of us has individual goals and needs in sexual relations. Someone avoids favorites relations, while others, on the contrary, tends to monogamy and permanence.

Therefore, the conclusion is talking about the difference between the sexual needs of men and women as they relate to sex and what is expected of sexual relations is quite difficult to do. Very often, to enjoy the intimacy with a loved one, we need to take a more feminine or more masculine qualities than the stereotype suggests conduct and standards imposed by society. It is necessary to understand, accept and feel each other to be able to grow and improve together.

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