Love Geometry: shapes and figures of

Love Geometry: shapes and figures of
 It is human nature to fall in love. No less famous property rights - to err in choosing sweetheart or lover. That is, at first, in the proverbial golden age of love, nobody usually puzzled idea that the history of this happens as a result.
 Met two people of different sex (well, one, you never know how the card will fall). And at the same time if they elektororazryad shot - oh! All my life I wanted to (a) a (th)! And no more! And no less! This is perfect ties relations, of course.

In practice - red-hot coil burned out, the lamp goes off. Maximum emotions do not live long. Geometrically, this segment would be. Point, the second point - the tungsten wire: burned brightly, but not for long. But every moment happy. These novels are living to the limit. Having exhausted its maximum, usually end physical disappearance has one or the other.

There are objects careful. Converge as battleships fleets. What are the advantages of opponents? Explore. Hormones commanding a rapprochement. But we will not immediately give away all their military secrets? This option circles. We will converge slowly. Warning shots into the air, the goal on the radar. People we are pragmatic, cautious, scientists, his mistakes we dearer others - and who can compare with us? The further superimposed circle to circle, the more joy. The centers are shifted and combined. Full life and psychological compatibility - what could be better?

But if incomplete, to what extent? As close to the center can move without compromising the interests of the partner? On this we can agree and comply with the terms of the contract for a long time, until curiosity was coming ubiquitous, and the partner will not climb with the grace of a hippopotamus break your stereotypes.

Still love the classic figure of geometry - a triangle. The most painful, the most unbalanced, the most untenable and most unshakable figure. In one corner of touch - the balance will shift. How many corners followed not add - is divided into segments of the same, or the same circle.

Three segments connect ... Who was in such situations, say, three people linked to this illogical bond understand the absurdity of the situation. But to solve this problem geometrically and psychological - it's either completely eliminate one vertex (which is not immediately amenable to solution), or still comply with the apparent equilibrium. Succumbing to the temptation of a fragile and painful hope that by itself somehow heal and srastetsya.

And the figures of who? Apparently, all the same. Living in this place and time, endowed with the ability to fall in love, and then another, and love. We, husbands, wives, lovers, lover, partner, partner. And as long as we all was well.

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