How to avoid a scandal in the family

How to avoid a scandal in the family
 Family life, unfortunately, is not only out of love and happiness. There is a place in it, and misunderstandings, conflicts, scandals. Of course, such negative phenomena should try to minimize.
 Back in the early family life for you and your mate should agree to discuss all issues. Sometimes a person from childhood is not accustomed to solve problems by discussion. For example, the husband comes home and throwing dirty socks, anywhere. Wife suffers day, another, it begins to accumulate resentment at her husband for what does not appreciate her work, does not regret her forces. However, the husband finds out about her feelings only when they "overflow" and expressed in the form of an angry tirade.

The cause of the scandal - patience and silence his wife. She should have immediately invited her husband to calm conversation and say, "Honey, I'm trying to house was clean and nice, I spend a lot of effort on it, try not to throw their things to me was at least a little bit of free time." A rare man does not heed the request of the loving and beloved woman.

If all problems will be spoken and quietly discussed, most of them already resolved by this. Children growing up in such a family, unwittingly adopt this experience, and as a result of possible conflicts between fathers and children, usually inherent in the transition to adulthood, and smoothed.

Generally useful to establish a rule that all important matters relating to one of the family members, the family council discussed and solved together with the common interest.

In addition, family members should avoid violation of personal space each other. Under the personal space of a certain freedom understood and behavior, and the right to their own opinion, and personal belongings, and the territory. Conflicts related to violation of personal space, occur between spouses. For example, my wife has a bad habit of "restore order" in the drawer of her husband, or even a bad habit of checking his phone and email. But more still on this ground flare up "war" between the children, to defend the right to self-determination, and their parents, for whom their child is always a child - and 15, and 20 and 30 years.

Finally, sometimes someone from the family members may show "talent" debater. This is a quality of character, bordering on pathology, is that man is inclined to challenge any claim regardless of whether he agrees with it in reality or not. In this case, the rest is not worth to fall for this bait and get involved in a fight, it is better to remain silent and to make their own way.

And do not forget that the most important quality that serve as an excellent prevention of family scandals - mutual respect and a spirit of constructive resolution of any situation.

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