Diagnosis: sissy

Diagnosis: sissy
 It is considered that more mothers like sons. On their pets, they do not regret affection, warmth, love, affection and pet them mercilessly. While the child is small, he is absolutely happy: parent rushes to him as "chicken with egg." But it is worth it to grow, as will begin the inevitable problems with the opposite sex. And all because of the fact that the girls learn the sad truth: the choice turned out to be a mama's boy.

If your loved one can not make any decisions without consulting with the mother, with or without reason to call it, in his speech constantly flashes phrase: "But mom says ...", then get ready to make a diagnosis: sissy. But do not be afraid of this and run without looking back. Just decide for yourself now if you visited a sense, and whether or not for him to overcome all obstacles. If not, try clearly not worth it. But the positive - should make a good think about the situation.

Firstly, it is not necessarily the closest relative of the young man should be despot. Of course, her overbearing nature, since the son is completely dependent. But while it may be a smart enough man to know that the child has grown and he needs to meet with the girls, and in the future to get married. Therefore, first of all, ask the guy to introduce you to his mother. It is possible that you soak her criticisms and find a common language.

Second, even if the mother believes that all persons of a female simply not worthy of her precious son, do not give up. Very difficult, but, putting a lot of effort, it is possible to separate the elect from her that and create a dependence on his wife. Legal wife the right to rely on the fact that its opinion will be taken into account. A mother in law have to listen to the voice of reason and come to terms with the choice of a son.

In addition, if you are truly in love, then you will not be difficult to surround the object of desire with care and attention: to cook, to create comfort in the house, to give him advice and guidance. So, it is quite cope with the responsibilities of mothers.

But, in spite of everything, try to avoid conflict and frequent disputes with relatives for a loved one. Quarrels provide a very nervous situation - he will be torn between a mother and you. Try to find a compromise and to negotiate, if we still decided on a serious relationship with a mama's boy.

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