Civil marriage: Pros and Cons

Civil marriage: Pros and Cons
 Civil marriage in recent years has become very common. People are inclined to it, primarily because of its simplicity. But like everything in the world, the civil marriage has its downsides. Let's consider the positive and negative aspects of civil marriage.

On the most obvious advantages of civil marriage we have said - its simplicity and the absence of costs, which inevitably entails the marriage official. To enter into a civil marriage, do not apply to government agencies, to organize a ceremony and celebration for several dozen guests at a cost that is usually equal to the price of the car. To enter into a civil marriage must be only the desire of men and women. In order to disperse, too, need a mutual desire.

Civil marriage, people usually regard as a trial marriage, and this is both pluses and minuses. Many men are usually afraid of marriage, as of fire, and for their civil marriage is a kind of rehearsal, during which men can understand that it is actually not so scary. This is a definite plus. The downside is that men tend to not recognize civil marriage relationship. According to studies, men who are in a civil union, the question on marital status are responsible "free", while women often say that they are married.

Women tend to be serious about civil marriage than men. They have children, being in unregistered relationships, and at break could be seriously injured. After all, if the official divorce the wife is entitled to half the property acquired status, and the child is entitled to child support from the father, in the case of rupture of relations they remain unregistered with nothing. Therefore, we can say with confidence that a civil marriage has more positives for men than for women.

Entering into a civil marriage, a woman should be clearly understood that. The best way out would be to agree with her man, that civil marriage will last for a certain amount of time, after which you or make a fortress of their feelings and your marriage official, or realize that you do not approach each other and gets going. With this arrangement, you can enjoy all the positive aspects of civil marriage and avoid its negative aspects.

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